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Blanketed with Grace

Lovely mesh fabric highlighted with delicate blossoms complements a soft-pink casket spray.

Created in almost reverse fashion to call attention to the flower-outlined “blanket” that drapes from it, this glorious casket spray is a fitting tribute for a woman who appreciated the beauty of flower gardens. It features an array of textures in a gardeny mix comprising mainly soft pinks.
The blanket is created from gold mesh fabric, which, with a rectangular hole cut in it, is laid on top of the floral-foam-filled casket saddle. Fresh Hydrangea petals cover strips of tape at the bottom of the delicate blanket. A single stem of Hydrangeas is tucked among the other flowers to carry the cool blue hue of the blanket’s petals into the overall design.

Design by Patrick Wages

MATERIALS: ArtMesh® fabric from ArtMesh; Never-Wilt® Single Casket Saddle from The John Henry Company; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; Tack 2000 spray adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; ‘Orlando’ roses and ‘Lydia’ spray roses from California Pajarosa; larkspurs, asters, snapdragons and Veronicas from Flores Silvestres S.A.; Hydrangeas, Genista and heather from favorite suppliers.

Cut a piece of mesh fabric to
the desired size. Cut a
rectangular hole in the center
of the mesh to fit over the
brick of floral foam. Fasten the
mesh to the saddle with
waterproof tape.
Secure two strips of
waterproof tape to the bottom
of the mesh to give it weight
and to provide a solid surface
on which to adhere Hydrangea
Spray the backsides of Hydrangea florets with adhesive, and press them onto the tape strip in an overlapping manner.

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