wedding bouquet

breath of spring

A dense cluster of baby’s breath gives shape to this bouquet.

A grower bunch of densely clustered baby’s breath, arranged into a dome-shaped nosegay, creates the base of this lush spherical bouquet, to which Stephanotis and hybrid Delphinium florets are secured with floral adhesive. The blossoms can be glued to short chenille stems to give them additional stability in the bouquet before they are glued into place.

A shortened periwinkle-colored pearl-headed corsage pin is secured with floral adhesive into the center of each Stephanotis bloom, adding a gem detail and softening the contrast among the flowers. A beautiful striped ribbon, which binds the stems of baby’s breath and forms a trio of streamers draping from the bouquet, is chosen to coordinate with the Delphiniums.

MATERIALS: hybrid Delphiniums, Stephanotises (Madagascar jasmine) and baby’s breath (Gypsophila) from California cut flower growers; Atlantic’s Ocean Brand 1.5-inch Round Periwinkle Pins from Milton Adler Co.; ribbon from favorite supplier.

Design from Florists’ Review Winning Bouquet Combinations. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the Bookstore here.

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