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sweet showpiece

Customize a clear glass vase to fit your event’s color palette, and drop in a hand-tied bouquet.

A few fun twists turn a traditional, parallel hand-tied bouquet in a (once-clear) glass vase into a fashion-forward design suitable for outfitting a wedding reception or delivering for spring birthdays. Textured spray paint puts the focus on what often is a silent partner in floral arrangements—the clear glass vase. And the florals make use of a traditional carrying bouquet style to create the perfect drop-in arrangement. Meanwhile, the ribbon takes a simplified approach; it is knotted into two casual tails at the base of the vase rather than the traditional full-blown bow below the flowers.

Reverse proportion characterizes this design, with the container’s height exceeding that of the floral design it contains. Trailing leafless seeded Eucalyptus and the bow at the base soften this proportion and avoid the appearance of a stark mound atop the narrow vase.

Experiment with the colors—matching ribbons, vase and florals—to capture any customer’s mood. Vases can be painted and beribboned in advance so florals can be dropped in at delivery time. This vase treatment also can be adapted to showcase brides’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets as reception décor, allowing guests to admire the flowers up close.

MATERIALS: ‘Super Green’ and ‘Mi Amor!’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; Glass Cylinder from Syndicate Sales; Wired Sheer Printed Dot Ribbon from Nashville Wraps; ColorTex “Mossy” from Design Master Color Tool; leafless seeded Eucalyptus from favorite supplier.

Design by Ann Jordan, AIFD, AAF, MMFD
Spray a clear glass vase with
a textured paint until the
desired coverage is obtained.
Cut a length of sheer
patterned ribbon, and double
knot it around the base of the
vase. Clip the tails at an angle.
Assemble a hand-tied bouquet, and cover the binding with ribbon. Cut the stems so the bouquet rests just atop the vase.

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