Magic Marbles

Decorative moisture beads offer a colorful and textural alternative to water in this modern arrangement.
    Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

    Much of the charm of this youthful, sophisticated arrangement lies in its foundation. Although clear glass receptacles typically lend themselves best to arrangements in water, this modern square vase is filled with moisture beads that act as a decorative mechanic for holding the botanicals—a dramatic mix of flowers and foliages—in place. Self-adhesive gems, in addition to resembling miniature versions of the red moisture beads, add delicate flair to narrow blades of bear grass, which contribute movement to the asymmetrical design.

    Note: Be sure to follow the instructions on the moisture beads packaging; it is important to mix the beads with water before pouring the desired amount into the vessel.

Freesias and bear grass from The Sun Valley Group; ‘Hot Lady’ rose, Thryptomene calycina and Caladium leaves from favorite suppliers; Square Vase from Syndicate Sales; Deco Beads from JRM Chemical; Bling It On Self-Adhesive Rhinestones from Fitz Design.


“magic marbles” recipe

1 ‘Hot Lady’ rose
2 stems Freesias
Thryptomene calycina
3 Caladium leaves
6 blades bear grass
square vase
Deco Beads
10 adhesive rhinestones

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