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Modern mechanics are used to create a classical arrangement of beloved garden flowers.

Design by Bill J. Harper, aifd fellow, aaf

A traditional line-mass arrangement, combined with a pleasing complementary color palette, are in elegant contrast to the contemporary cube vessel and modern orbs contained within.
Made of curly willow, the rounded structures are wedged into the glassy cube and serve as mechanics into which the gardeny florals are arranged. The weight of the flowers’ lengthy stems is also supported by the walls of the vase, which results in the casual draping effect. Tucked alongside the orbs are tufts of Viburnums and bits of permanent foliage, which repeat the flowers’ colors and textures inside the vase.

The marriage of classical with contemporary makes this creation suitable as a tabletopper in a variety of settings, ranging from urban loft to traditional country estate. Recommend it for offices as well, where it’s an equally versatile décor accent.

permanent Viburnums, roses and foxgloves from Aldik; Curly Willow Balls from Knud Nielsen Company; Square Vase from Syndicate Sales.
Secure a pair of curly willow orbs together using two reserved permanent flower stems. Twist or loop the stems to ensure tension between the orbs.
  HOW TO 2:
Nestle the orbs into the cube vase. Insert the larger one first, so it will rest on the bottom of the vase.
  HOW TO 3:
Arrange the permanent flower stems into the orb armatures. Bend the stems as needed to maintain desired flower position.

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