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Nests and willow orbs serve as armatures in this glorious composite.

Atop a quartet of Canella-berry-lined cylinder vases, a texturally diverse collection of botanicals is artfully woven together to create this wonderfully dynamic composite arrangement that would shine brilliantly in homes and offices with modern flair.

The contrast in texture, from rough and woodsy to sleek and smooth, along with the rhythm and visual movement established by the sinuous vines and flowing stems, capture attention and encourage extended gazing.

Including the gorgeous burgundy callas and captivating orange crown flowers, this design’s ardent hues celebrate the warmth of summer, but the design will be equally dazzling during other seasons as well.

MATERIALS: callas from Sullivans; crown flowers, Canella berries, curly-willow balls, kiwi vine, bell pods and nests from Knud Nielsen Company; cylinder vases from Syndicate Sales.

Design by Marc Bass, AIFD

Clip Canella berries from their
stems, and drop them into
cylinder vases. Add enough
berries to cover the base of
each cylinder.
Cut a hole in the base of a
bird’s nest, and insert sections
of kiwi vine through the hole
and into a vase. Insert more
vines through a willow ball and
into another vase. Repeat for
the remaining vases.
Arrange permanent callas and dried bell cups by threading their stems through the balls and nests, and position their stems inside the vases.

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