wedding bouquet

saved stems

Brides get a hand-tied look with a built-in water source.

A bounty of spring blossoms appears hand-tied in this pretty bridal design. The florals, however, are arranged into a bouquet holder, so a water source keeps them looking fresh for the duration of the ceremony and reception. Tied in French twists, a pastel-hued, sheer ribbon adorns the stems and provides additional binding to hold them in place.

MATERIALS:  L.A. Hybrid lilies, French tulips, spray roses, waxflowers, Freesias, blue lace flowers, lavender, variegated ivy and star Asparagus from California cut flower growers; Wedding Belle Bouquet Holder and Oasis Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; ribbon, chenille stems and double-stick tape from favorite suppliers.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.
Arrange flowers into a
bouquet holder. Wrap the handle with double-stick tape.
Clean saved flower stems,
and bind them with waterproof tape. Slide the bouquet holder
into the stem bundle.
Tie ribbon in a French twist around the stems by wrapping the stems, crossing the free ends of the ribbon and twisting them against themselves.
Attach a chenille stem to a bow made of sheer ribbon. Push the chenille stem ends into the foam of the bouquet holder.

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