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bountiful basket

A delightful alternative to a seasonal favorite.

One of the most ordered designs in flower shops across the country during the this time of year is simply “a basket of spring or summer flowers.” While this may seem like a straightforward request, it doesn’t have to be the same old mix of traditional flowers in a wicker basket that’s been popular for decades.

Begin with a trend-forward striped ceramic pot, and fashion a few stems of foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myersii’) into a faux handle. Add a bit of punch on the sides with two quick satin bows, then cover your mechanics with more foxtail fern and arrange your choice of fresh flowers to coordinate with the colors in the pot.

MATERIALS: Foxtail fern, lilies and Hypericum from local wholesaler; roses from Golden Flowers; Striped Azalea Pot from Summer Collection S3 from Pots Company.

Insert two stems of foxtail
fern, opposite each other,
into a floral-foam-filled pot.
Bend the tops of the two
pieces of fern upward, forming
an arch, and wire them
together with green metallic
Wrap another piece of fern around the outer edge of the pot, then coil another piece on top of the foam to completely cover the foam.

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