follow the formula

Tall spray plus compact base equals easy yet dramatic composition.

     Creating a grand arrangement such as this is as simple as following a basic formula. Start with a tall spray of materials, and finish with a compact base that creates interest, conceals mechanics and adds the necessary visual weight to counterbalance the lengthy sprays.

     In this example, we’ve plugged permanent branches into the “tall spray” component and added permanent apples, pine and cardinal ornaments into the “compact base” segment to add up to this impressive seasonal creation. We’ve enhanced our “tall spray” factor with red plastic beads strung onto bullion wire for additional holiday glint and tucked a bird’s nest into the base for natural flair.

     This easy formula can be applied to a variety of containers and completed with a wealth of materials, provided the materials fit the “tall spray” and “compact base” requirements.

Twig Nest, Glass Cardinals, and permanent Mountain Pine Sprays, Holly Berry Branches and Apples from Sullivans; urn from Melrose International; Oasis™ Bullion Wire from Oasis® Floral Products; plastic beads from crafts store.


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