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collared greens

A background of glittered permanent poinsettia leaves lends seasonal appeal to this alluring bouquet.

    Drawing inspiration from the “Wintergreen” trend for the upcoming holiday season, this bouquet transcends Christmas to suit any winter wedding. Permanent poinsettia leaves—in this example, taupe-hued with a soft dusting of glitter—provide a fashionable collar that highlights a captivating mix of flowers and foliages, all in soothing, eco-inspired hues.

    Permanent poinsettia leaves are available in a range of both natural and whimsical colors, so this concept can be adapted to complement any wedding color theme. The bouquet also can be fashioned to fit any budget by altering the ratio of the affordable carnations to the higher-priced botanicals.

MATERIALS: Cymbidium orchids, roses, ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses, Hydrangeas, Hypericum and ivy from favorite suppliers; Single Poinsettia Spray from Melrose International; Lomey® Standard Bouquet Holder and Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis; Floratape® Stem Wrap from Alcan Packaging; wood picks from W.J. Cowee.

Cut individual leaves from a permanent poinsettia blossom.
  HOW TO 2:
Attach each poinsettia leaf to a wood pick with stem wrap, and arrange them into a bouquet holder.
  HOW TO 3:
Dip additional leaves in hot-melt (pan) glue, and adhere them to the underside of the bouquet holder.

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