Ten things you can do now for a successful holiday season.

     Organization and preparation are the keys to a successful holiday season. Florists’ planning and preparation should begin at least six months prior to Christmas. Here are 10 suggestions for increasing your business’s holiday profits and improving your merchandise displays and traffic patterns for the critical season ahead.

1. create recipes of specials
     Type or print the exact ingredients of each of your store’s featured arrangements on index cards, and laminate them. Give the cards to your designers to help control the costs of goods sold and to standardize the quality of your arrangements.

2. buy generic containers
     Many plastic containers, baskets and glass vases can be altered with paint, ribbon and a few accessories to change their appearance into festive holiday vessels.

3. hold training sessions
     Teach your staff about the care specifics of holiday plants and greenery. Show them how to handle corporate clients and how to upsell. Keep sessions fun and informal. Use some of the training sessions to brainstorm about window and floor display ideas.

4. buy smart
     Buy holiday giftware and supplies early. To avoid impulse buys, always shop from a list of items. Keep in mind that to feature a particular look or line of merchandise, you will need eight to 10 items of the line to show your customers variety.

5. invent packaging concepts
     Choose a color scheme or develop a holiday logo for use only during the Christmas season. Add a different color of tissue to your packages. Coordinate packaging with a holiday theme used in your shop. Creative packaging can be the “silent salesman” for your floral arrangements.

6. drum up corporate sales
     Create a mailing list of all the companies that have purchased flowers from you in the past year. Send them a brochure of your featured holiday arrangements, or visit corporate clients in person.

7. price merchandise as it arrives
     Price giftware, containers, ribbon and permanent materials as soon as they arrive. This will save hours of looking for invoices during the hectic holiday rush. If necessary, hire high-school students to speed up the pricing process.

8. display christmas items year-round
     Dedicate a corner of your shop to display some high-end Christmas merchandise 12 months of the year. Collectors of holiday items shop all year long and especially during summer vacations. Change the merchandise in the display frequently to keep it looking fresh.

9. review your hours
     Take an honest look at your shop’s hours of operation as the holiday season approaches. Are they convenient to potential shoppers who work nearby? Would it be helpful to extend hours at least one night of the week? Would opening early one morning be profitable? Should you open on Sunday afternoons? Adjust your store’s hours during the holiday season to accommodate your core customers.

10. plan an employee celebration
     Host an employee appreciation breakfast or dinner about one week before Christmas. Have your staff participate in a gift exchange, or give each person a small gift to show them they are an important part of your store’s success. Taking time to enjoy the holiday together will help build morale and will give your employees the opportunity to celebrate their successful Christmas season.

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