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A new bouquet holder enables bridal bouquets to serve various purposes at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

    Customers always appreciate when one floral design can meet two needs, which helps to minimize expenses. And that’s especially true at weddings, for which florists regularly create arrangements that can transition from ceremony to reception décor.
    At many receptions, brides and their maids are often at a loss for what to do with their bouquets. In the past, the most common solutions included placing the bouquets into vases or bouquet holders that the florists provide or simply laying them on tables.
    With a new bouquet holder, designed to serve as both a carried item and a hanging decorative, transitioning bouquets from wedding to reception is a simple, even elegant, matter. Flowers are arranged in the foam-filled holder and carried as any bouquet would be. And at the reception, bouquets are inverted and hung with ribbon as romantic decorations that will delight attendees as well as the financially savvy couple.

‘Latin Lady’ roses from Golden Flowers; Hydrangeas and bay leaves from FTD Flower Exchange; Gala Bouquet Holder from FloraCraft Corporation; ribbon from Lion Ribbon Co.
Arrange roses into the bouquet holder, taking care to position the blooms so that some roses are always pointing upward, whether the bouquet is held upright or inverted.
  HOW TO 2:
Insert small clusters of Hydrangea florets to fill in the gaps between the rose blossoms. Attach a multiloop bow at the base of the bouquet.
  HOW TO 3:
When it is to be hung (or carried as a pomander), thread a length of ribbon through the opening in the holder’s handle to create a loop by which the bouquet can be carried or hung.

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