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nature's holiday display

Botanical elements serve as a long-lasting seasonal display fixture for beloved ornaments.

Design by Bill J. Harper, aifd fellow, aaf

    Showcasing a cherished ornament with wintry botanical charm, this captivating permanent arrangement offers customers a sturdy yet stylishly simple holiday decorative. Featuring sculptural twigs with a built-in nest and clusters of ruddy berries, the design utilizes the humble beauty of nature’s materials and color palette to present, in contrast, a radiant glass orb.
    In your shop, merchandise this arrangement in pairs with matching or coordinating ornaments, especially those that feature bird motifs. And select berries in other hues to match the ornaments, if desired. Customers will surely need both the arrangements and the ornaments to replicate these naturally elegant creations in their homes.
    For stability and to prevent toppling, especially in high-traffic areas, add a layer of small rocks or sand into the base of the container before filling it with dry foam.

permanent berries and twig branches with nest from Tapscott’s; antique glass bauble from Accent Décor; reindeer moss from Knud Nielsen Company; Square Vase in Smoke and Aquafoam Dri Foam from Syndicate Sales; Cling floral clay from Floral Specialties; greening pins from favorite supplier.
HOW TO 1::
Fill a container with dry foam. Secure mounds of reindeer moss to the foam with greening pins.
  HOW TO 2:
Insert the nest-filled branches into the moss-topped foam. Add berry sprays and reserved stems to the grouping to enhance the branchy effect.
  HOW TO 3:
Apply a bit of floral clay, such as Cling, to the base of the ornament. Secure the ornament inside the nest.

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