wedding bouquet

tray chic

This festive bouquet features unconventional mechanics.

Although it keeps the traditionally round form, this bouquet is ultimately modern, using a foam-filled designer tray as the base to which a bouquet holder handle is attached. One dozen red roses—the classic symbol of romantic love—are arranged in pavé fashion into the tray and encircled with Aspidistra leaves, the spines of which are removed for flexibility. Strands of gold bullion wire, wrapped around the base of the leaf-wrapped tray and loosely draped over the roses, add sparkle to the bouquet, and medallions of bullion wire are incorporated as contemporary, yet inexpensive, accents.

The red and green botanicals, along with the gold accents, make this a perfect bouquet for a December wedding. It could be carried by either a bride or her attendants.

MATERIALS: Straight-Handle Wedding Belle® Holder and Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis; 6-inch Designer Tray from Syndicate Sales; Tack 2000 Spray Adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; roses, Aspidistra leaves and Galax leaves from favorite suppliers.

Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF

Cut off the floral foam cage
from a straight-handle
bouquet holder.
Drill holes in the tray to
correspond with the holes
in the bouquet holder. Thread
wires through the holes to
secure the bouquet handle to
the bottom of the tray. Fill the
tray with a shallow layer of
floral foam.
Wrap ribbon around the handle to cover it, and adhere Galax leaves to the bottom of the tray with spray adhesive.
Cut the spine from an
Aspidistra leaf, creating two
narrow leaf strips. Spray the
backsides of the leaves with
adhesive, and wrap them
around the perimeter of the tray.
Scrunch bullion wire into a
ball, and flatten it to create a
medallion. Repeat this step to
create a second wire medallion.
Arrange roses into the design tray, and drape bullion wire over the flowers. Attach a taped wire to one of the medallions, and insert it among the roses. Spray the other medallion with adhesive, and attach it to the leaves.

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