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stacked tree

Scarlet berries and a tiny tannenbaum combine in a treelike decorative.

Nested pots, overflowing with lavish berry collars, are crowned with a miniature pine tree to complete this artistic alternative to the traditional tabletop-size Christmas tree.

The diminutive pine is adorned with a stylish finial-like topper, and additional berries, snipped from a single spray, are glued into the tiny tree as seasonal trim, repeating the red hue and ensuring a harmonious visual transition from top to bottom.

Because of its size and shape, which is somewhat reminiscent of a mountain pine, this holiday accent offers versatility in its placement. It can be used to spread Christmas cheer throughout the home but would be especially impacting in pairs on mantels and credenzas.

MATERIALS: miniature pine tree, cranberry picks, red drop ornament and set of two graduated pots from Sullivans; mood moss from Knud Nielsen Company; OASIS® Hot Melt Glue and Sahara® Dry Foam from Smithers-Oasis.

Design by Perry Walston, AIFD

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Silk & Dried Designs with How-To Instructions.
Fill the smaller pot with dry
floral foam, and top it with
moss. Fill the larger pot with
foam that extends 2 inches
above the pot’s rim. Dip the
base of the small pot into
hot-melt glue, and affix it
atop the foam.
Assemble berry sprays into
lavish collars in both pots, but
leave the foam’s center open
in the small pot. Insert the
trunk of the miniature tree into
the center of the topmost pot.
Snip off the end of a finial-like drop ornament, and glue the ornament onto the peak of the miniature tree with floral adhesive.

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