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holiday wrappings

Selected to coordinate with the floral materials, packaging products can enhance the holiday presentation and become integral gift elements.

Three varieties of roses, from cotton-candy pink to juicy sun-drenched peach, and clusters of sorbet-hued Hypericum berries are punctuated by creamy chocolate brown cones, leaves, branches and grasses to compose this delicious duet of seasonal selections. The striped boxes, accompanied by their milk-chocolate-hued tops, complete the confection-inspired packages.

Designs by Bill J. Harper AIFD, AAF

sweet sensation

Stripes reminiscent of milk chocolate swirled with dark chocolate characterize a flower-filled vessel trimmed with cone-enhanced mesh fabric. Bits of iced branches, wedged between the vase and its cocoa-striped box, offer an organic alternative to stabilizing tissue.

MATERIALS: preserved salal leaves and tortum male from Verdissimo USA; pine cones from Columbia Pine Cones & Botanicals; iced branches from Knud Nielsen Company; white mesh fabric from Art Mesh; box from Nashville Wraps; striped vase from Meyer Imports; roses, Hypericum and white pine from favorite suppliers.

Clip the bulky ends from the iced branches, and wedge them between the vase and the box for a snug fit. Bundle additional branches, and accessorize with a cone and leaf for a woodsy box-top accent.

Traditional Christmas reds shine radiantly when paired with a complementary palette of tart citrus-green hues. And in this trio of holiday arrangements, gleaming red cello and plaid foil combine in a striking reflection of the brilliant color scheme and can be used to create grand gifts, both large and small.


gifted box

With double-faced tape around its rim and Glue Dots at its corners, a basic white delivery box is transformed into a chic receptacle for displaying a glorious vase arrangement. A fanciful Christmas tree pick in the same hues sends the season’s greetings.

MATERIALS: tree pick from Lion Ribbon; Bullion Wire and Double-Faced Tape from Smithers-Oasis; red pot from Accent Décor; plaid paper from Highland Supply Corporation; box from Gift Box Corporation; Glue Dots from burton + BURTON; spray roses, tulips, carnations, Viburnums, Hypericum, Camellia and ming fern from favorite suppliers.

Cut wide strips of foil. Fold the cut edges inward, and fashion the strips into a bow. Adhere to the foil-covered box with Glue Dots.


Delicate coral roses and vibrant red carnations mingle among groups of refreshing lime-green Viburnums and Hypericum berries, establishing a sophisticated Christmas color story. Echoing all the florals’ luminous holiday hues, shimmering metallic mesh presents the gathered blossoms as fabulous perishable giftware arrayed for the Christmas season.

flowering ribbon
Dynamic fabric flourishes glamorize a grand vase arrangement, which is tucked inside a mesh-fabric-filled delivery box. An additional length of the mesh is knotted in the center and secured at the box’s corners as a stylish sash.

MATERIALS: package pick from Lion Ribbon; plaid mesh from Art Mesh; box from Gift Box Corporation; Handblown Glass Square Vase from Syndicate Sales; ‘Big Fun’ roses, carnations, Hypericum, Viburnums and white pine from favorite suppliers.

Tie a loose knot in the center of a length of mesh
fabric. Secure each end of the knotted fabric to the
corners of the box with wire, pierced through the
cardboard. Fill the box with mesh fabric, and nestle
the flower-filled cube vase within.


wrap-turous band

With minimal time and cost, the colorful band of mesh fabric elevates a simple gathering of blossoms to star status.

MATERIALS: plaid mesh from Art Mesh; Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis; ‘Big Fun’ roses, carnations, Viburnums, Hypericum, lily grass and wax string from favorite suppliers.

Assemble the bouquet, and tie with wax string. Wrap the mesh fabric around the stems, and secure with binding wire.


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