wedding bouquet

kale rosettes

Reflexed kale centers lend a gardeny feel to this wintry design.

The centers of several
miniature ornamental kales, the petals of which are reflexed so that the
cabbagelike blossoms resemble small open roses, compose this impressive monochromatic creation. The florals, which also include roses, hyacinths, miniature Gerberas and snowberries, are arranged amid tufts of ming fern and trailing tendrils of variegated ivy, which are coiled around the central cluster of flowers. Additional ming fern fronds, along with leafless ivy vines also coiled around the all-white blossoms, form the elegant cascade.

MATERIALS: ornamental kales, roses, hyacinths, miniature Gerberas, snowberries, variegated ivy and ming fern from California cut flower growers; Wedding Belle® Bouquet Holder from Smithers-Oasis.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.
Arrange the ming fern into the bouquet holder in cascading fashion. Remove the roselike centers from the ornamental kale blooms.
Reflex some of the outer petals of the kale blooms so they resemble open roses. Arrange the kale centers and other  florals into the design.
Coil variegated ivy around the central cluster of flowers. Coil additional ivy vines, from which most of the leaves have been removed, around the flowers. Allow a few tendrils to cascade beneath the blossoms.

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