wedding bouquet

wild beauty

Careful weaving of Sedum and steel grass creates a decidedly free-form feeling.

Vivid glory lilies’ ruffled petals hint at a less formal outline for this creation, which is reinforced by vining strands of Sedum entwined throughout the bouquet. Fiery red-tinged ‘Jester’ Leucadendrons create a base for the florals. And for additional interest and movement, blunt-cut strands of steel grass are bent and wound through the other floral materials to emerge in spiky fashion along the bouquet’s edge.

Created in a straight-handled floral-foam bouquet holder, the design gives the illusion of a hand-tied bouquet with its vertical covering of steel grass around the handle. Double-sided tape is wrapped around the top of the bouquet handle, to which the steel grass is affixed. Waterproof tape then secures the steel grass, and this mechanic is covered with a simple, sleek ribbon. Glued-on Galax leaves hide the back of the bouquet holder.

MATERIALS: ‘Black Beauty,’ ‘Hocus Pocus’ and ‘Orange Appeal’ roses, glory lilies (Gloriosas), Persian buttercups (Ranunculi), ‘Jester’ Leucadendrons, yarrow (Achillea), steel grass (Xanthorrhoea) and Galax leaves from California cut flower growers; Wedding Belle® Straight-Handle Bouquet Holder, Oasis® Double-Faced Tape and Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; Sedum from garden.

Design from Florists’ Review Winning Bouquet Combinations. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the “Bookstore” here.  
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