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cup of cheer

A zany delight reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ creations is sure to elicit smiles.

Design by Brad Harnisch, AIFD

The cup-and-saucer flower arrangement is a favorite for gift-giving, but its traditional form usually maintains a fairly prim and sweet profile of garden flowers in a Victorian-inspired tea set. This arrangement keeps the cup-and-saucer form but adds extra style and spontaneity with its contemporary craftsmanship—appearing almost as if it were lifted from Dr. Seuss’ holiday village of Whoville.

From the corkscrew curls of the chrysanthemum-topped foam wire and the sparkling decorative wire to the flashy sequined holly leaves, to the updated lime-green-and-red color palette, this design goes way beyond basic. But its construction remains deceptively simple.

The geometric dot pattern of the cup and saucer are repeated not only in the flocked ornament picked into the design but also in the wire curlicues and button mum embellishments. The flower choices, a Gerbera and carnations in the same complementary color palette, are long-lasting flowers to ensure maximum enjoyment for the recipient. And the cup-and-saucer set makes a keepsake gift for savoring hot cocoa by the fire.

MATERIALS: Gerbera, carnations and ‘Kermit’ spray chrysanthemums from favorite supplier; Mug with Dots and Salad Plate, Felted Finial Ornament and Glittered Holly from Melrose International; Red Foam Wire from burton + BURTON; Apple Deco Wire from Lion Ribbon Co.; Oasis® Floral Adhesive, Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue and Oasis® Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis.
Bring two lengths of foam
wire from beneath the saucer
up over the floral-foam-filled
cup, and twist the four
foam-wire ends around one
another to secure the entire
group in the center, leaving
the ends free to design with.
Apply floral adhesive to the
foam wire ends. Clip the
spray mums from their stems,
and apply floral adhesive to
the backs of the heads. Hold
a spray mum at each of the
four foam-wire ends for a few
seconds, until it is secured.
Remove the hanger from a finial ornament, exposing the hole in the tip. Dip the end of a wood pick and the tip of the ornament into pan-melt glue. Hold the pick in the finial’s opening until it is secure; then insert it into the foam.

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