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The looks described in Florists’ Review’s 2007 Christmas Trends publication are interpreted here to satisfy every holiday mood, from traditional glamour to contemporary whimsy.

Designs by Brad Harnisch, AIFD

roses on ice
A votive candleholder nestled with an anchor pin into the center of the floral foam elevates an oversized crystal flower above its surroundings of pavéd ‘Escimo’ roses for a sparkling gift presentation. Or try this design in multiples with candlelight accompaniment for a shimmering event presentation.

MATERIALS: acrylic flower from Allstate Floral & Craft; Square Party Collection Pot (silver) from Accent Décor; Cylinder Votive from Syndicate Sales; Anchor Pin from Smithers-Oasis; Cling® Floral Adhesive from Floral Specialties; ‘Escimo’ roses from favorite supplier.

red & green remix

whimsical gifts
Keepsake designs are great to have for cash-and-carry customers or can be made in bulk for corporate giving or table favors. Floral foam is cut even with the lip of the mug, and a finial ornament is nestled gently into the foam so the recipient can later hang it on the tree.

MATERIALS: carnations from favorite supplier; Season Stripes Mugs from burton + BURTON; finial ornaments from Melrose International; ribbon from Nashville Wraps; Oasis® Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis.

peacock passion

This oversized centerpiece, reminiscent of a Tiffany lamp with its draped outline and bold color blocking, is crafted in a tray atop an upside-down mosaic vase. The sequined peacocks are its inspiration, and a flock is nestled among the carnation orbs and greenery (silver fir was chosen for its blue cast and juniper for its blue berries). Sequined paisley ornaments in the same palette add the final dash of panache.

MATERIALS: carnations from Florigene Ltd.; blue-berried juniper and silver fir from The Hiawatha Corporation; heather and salal leaves from favorite suppliers; Pedestal Cylindrical Vase, peacocks and peacock ornaments from Mark Roberts; Metallic Blue
Design Tray from Syndicate Sales; Oasis®
Floral Foam and Oasis® Spheres from

black & white

sophisticated cube
Exposed mechanics are key to this design, with the groupings of all-white permanent florals bundled into a single hand-tied bouquet whose handle is bound decoratively with silver aluminum wire. The bouquet is nestled among a mix of solid black and patterned ornaments, and the floral groupings are splayed to extend the arrangement’s outline. Coils of the silver wire are arranged among the flowers and orbs for added texture and interest.

MATERIALS: permanent roses, permanent snowdrops (Galanthus), permanent Ranunculi, permanent lilies-of-the-valley, black glass balls and ornaments from Jim Marvin Enterprises Ltd.; Square Vase from Syndicate Sales; Silver Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

classic red & green

found art
This easy-to-create basket can be filled with found items, such as the pine cones and cinnamon sticks shown, or the space below the nest can be left open to fill with items for gift-giving. The bundled grains and nest are wired or cable-tied to the edge of the basket, and the raffia, birds and cones are glued into place.

MATERIALS: pine cones, cinnamon sticks, Asian honeysuckle vine and raffia from Knud Nielsen Company; oats from Lovejoy Farms; Lined Willow Basket from burton + BURTON; birds from favorite supplier.

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