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Ten simple steps to dazzling dozen-rose arrangements.

     Whether you are new to the industry, you have staff that are or you’re thinking about adding untrained staff during the coming year, the need to focus on basic techniques is likely to arise. Therefore, we’ve created
this new monthly department, called “Basic Training,” that will guide inexperienced staff through simple steps to complete often-requested arrangements. Look for it on our website each month, and download a printable version to share with your employees.

     For our inaugural arrangement, with the sometimes-frantic Valentine’s Day looming, we thought a dozen-rose bouquet, completed in 10 simple steps, was the only option. Here are the basics for completing this floral gift, which is popular for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

MATERIALS: roses, baby’s breath, leatherleaf fern and salal leaves from favorite suppliers; Regal Vase from Syndicate Sales; acetate ribbon from Carson & Gebel Ribbon Company; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Oasis®  Floral Products; Floratape® stem wrap from Bemis Company; wired wood pick from W.J. Cowee.

Fill a clear glass vase with properly prepared rose-food solution. For a more decorative option, fill the clear vessel with water beads, glass beads or colorful foam or foam powder. (Non-clear containers could be filled with floral foam.) Create a grid with waterproof tape, if desired.

Place three stems of leatherleaf fern into the vase. Space them at equal distances, so they lie horizontally against the edge of the container and the stems interlock.

In the spaces between the first trio of stems, position the next three stems of leatherleaf fern at angles slightly more upright than the first three.

Add the remaining three stems of leatherleaf fern to the center of the vase, so they stand upright and face each other.

Add the salal leaves by following the same general pattern as that of the leatherleaf fern. The stems of the greens should be well interlocked, so they can support the rose stems. If no foam, beads or other support mechanisms are used and the greens appear to be unsupportive, add more foliage before proceeding.

Cut three roses to a length that is approximately 11⁄2 times the height of the container. Arrange the roses into the center of the vase, 3 to 4 inches apart, so they form a triangle.

Cut five roses slightly shorter than the first three, and position them, at equal distances from one another, to angle outward around the container’s perimeter. The resulting shape of the rosy form should be roughly that of a dome.

Cut the remaining four roses to approximately the same length as the previous five, and position them in the space between the tallest three roses and the five perimeter roses.

Insert the three stems of baby’s breath to fill the open spaces between the roses. Fluff the tiny inflorescences to completely fill gaps and complete the loosely domed form. Finish the creation with a bow attached to a wired wood pick covered with stem wrap. Insert the pick near the edge of the vase.

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