airy pomander

With a base of fluffy tulle tied into a bow, this lightweight creation offers a distinctive bouquet alternative.

     Light as a feather, this tulle-based pomander bouquet is just right for the littlest flower girl or as a unique bouquet for a bridesmaid. Fresh roses, Lisianthuses, stocks and bells-of-Ireland are glued among the multiple loops of tulle, which cushions and protects them, but permanent blooms could be used as well. Make the tulle bases well ahead to save time as the event nears.

MATERIALS: ‘Cool Water’ roses, Lisianthuses, stocks and bells-of-Ireland from favorite suppliers; Oasis® Floral Adhesive from Oasis® Floral Products; Wrapsit Floral Ties from Syndicate Sales; ribbon and tulle from Berwick Offray.

Bind together, at one end, three lengths of 1.5-inch-wide ribbon with a piece of florist’s wire. Braid the three ribbons using a traditional technique: right ribbon pulled over center ribbon, then left ribbon pulled over center ribbon, then right again and so on. Note: Attach the bound end of the ribbon to something stationary, to keep the braid taut and even.
Create a full multiloop bow from 6-inch-wide tulle, keeping the center tightly cinched. Bind the tulle bow tightly with a cable tie, and cut away the excess length of cable tie.
Create a loop with the braid made in Step 1, binding the ends together with a cable tie. Tuck the fluffy tulle bow into the loop, and bind the braid again, just above the bow, with a third cable tie. Cut the excess lengths from both ties, and fluff the tulle bow to create a round form. Attach flowers with floral adhesive.

This design was excerpted from the book Ribbons and Flowers, which combines ribbons with flowers in 40 floral design projects for a variety of seasons and holidays, with easy-to-follow step-by-step how-to instructions. Softcover. 98 pages. $24.95.
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