Find Out What Your Customers Think of You

If you really want to improve your shop and the way you do business, ask your customers for their honest opinions of your store and staff.

The ways in which customers are treated by you and your staff and the opinions they form of your shop can make or break your business.

The best way to find out what they think is to ask them. Have a customer survey available at the checkout counter, and ask each customer for his or her participation. You also can distribute a survey by mail or e-mail.

Remember, though, that with direct mail, the return rate is not always high, so here are some things to do that should to increase the return rate of direct-mail surveys:

• Include a brief introduction telling why you are conducting the survey. Be sure to let customers know that you value their opinions.

• Create a sense of urgency. Let customers know that you would appreciate their responses by a certain date, and include a thank-you reward for returning the survey, such as a store coupon, gift certificate or small gift.

• Include either a self-addressed, stamped envelope or one that has prepaid postage. Customers are more likely to participate if it does not cost them anything to return the surveys.

This customer survey will give you an idea of the types of questions you should ask. Use it as is, or customize it to better serve your needs.

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