updated cascade

The traditional flowing bouquet may be back in vogue, but its cascade is crafted in a modern way.

Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD fellow, AAF, FAM

    Bouquets assembled with trailing blossoms have always been popular with brides, but since the rise of the round clutch bouquet, flowing flowers took a tumble from their position of prominence. Today, however, cascading bouquets are making a comeback. Combining the smaller proportions and circular shape of the ubiquitous clutch with the flowing qualities of the beloved cascade, this updated, elongated version is a more natural, more “today” bouquet.
    For visual intrigue, a gorgeous mix of small- and large-blossomed roses are used here. The roses are all wired and taped in the traditional manner, resulting in a lightweight, easy-to-carry bunch. Swirled Lycopodium tendrils, which are supported by an additional wire loop that drops below the bouquet, surround the rosy clutch while additional Lycopodium spills from within the flowers to create the striking cascade.

MATERIALS: ‘Geraldine’ and ‘Pink Finess’ roses from Rosa Prima; ‘Eden Romantica’ spray roses from Green Valley Floral; Lycopodium, ivy and wire from favorite suppliers; Floratape® Stem Wrap from Alcan Packaging.

Insert two thin-gauge wires crosswise into each rose stem, just beneath the bud. Insert a heavy-gauge wire into the stem end. Fold the two thin-gauge wires down, and tape all three wires to form a new “stem.”
  HOW TO 2:
Bend several lengths of thin-gauge wire into hairpin shapes, and pierce the ivy leaves, near the base, with both ends of the hairpin-shaped wire. Tape the two wire ends together to form a “stem.”
  HOW TO 3:
Assemble all the wired-and-taped roses and ivy into a clutch bouquet. Gather all the “stems” and wire together, and bind them with wire into a single “handle. Finish with stem wrap and/or ribbon.”

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