gift-boxed blooms

This feminine floral box makes a charming keepsake.

    Although this charming decorative box appears to overflow with flowers as well as nonbotanical accents such as a delicate fabric heart, the composition takes only a little more than five minutes to create. The box lid, which is propped up with aluminum wire, enhances the design’s perceived abundance, but, in reality, the area of the design closest to the wire requires fewer materials.
    The flowers, including roses and Eustoma accented with Hypericum, are arranged into floral foam inside a plastic dish, which easily can be removed once the flowers fade. The remaining decorative box, which is adorned with both sheer and solid cascading ribbons as well as lengths of matching pink satin cord, will provide a lasting and useful gift. A few pearlescent beads, threaded onto the sheer ribbons, provide a soft accompaniment to the hot-pink triple-pearl pin that crowns the decorative box.

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HOW TO 1::
Place a dish containing a floral-foam dome into the bottom of the decorative box. Arrange flowers into the foam.
  HOW TO 2:
Hot-glue a piece of aluminum wire to the inside of the box lid, and insert the other end of the wire into the floral-filled box to prop up the lid.
  HOW TO 3:
Insert a decorative pin through the ribbons and satin cords and into the top of the box lid.

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