wedding bouquet

an unexpected union

Crystal and color bursts bring glamour to a tried-and-true bouquet.

An elaborate crystal candle ring and sprays of crystal add a twist to this mounded bouquet and complement its jeweled holder. Creamy white spray roses and ivory ‘Vendela’ hybrid tea roses maintain a customary wedding theme while pink-and-white ‘Esperance’ hybrid tea roses deviate from the ordinary with punches of color. These contrasts create an arrangement that is both sophisticated and elegant, modern and traditional.
Due to the short, delicate nature of the spray roses’ stems, chenille stems are glued in their place with floral adhesive. This helps extend their stem lengths and anchor them into the foam bouquet holder.
The bouquet’s crystal accents and off-white hues are reminiscent of ice and snow and make it the perfect arrangement for a winter bride who wants a traditional bouquet with a touch of flair.

MATERIALS: FloraShapes® Bridal Bouquet Holder from Floralife; Posy Pocket® Bouquet Holder and Bouquet Holder Stand from Cameo MacGuffin; crystal candle ring and sprays from Craig Bachman Imports; Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; ‘Vendela’ and ‘Esperance’ roses, spray roses and waxflowers from favorite suppliers.

Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.

Place a decorative crystal jeweled candle ring over the floral foam dome of a bouquet holder.
Remove the stems from rose blossoms, and glue chenille stems in their place with floral adhesive.
Insert the chenille stems into the bouquet holder, creating depth with uneven placements.

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