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This divinely abundant wreath features both cut and potted florals.

Full of soft, lush flowers in hues of pinks and lavenders and highlighted with dark, visually strong Camellia foliage and live African violets, this breathtaking garden-style wreath serves as a fitting tribute perfect for customers requesting a traditional look.
‘Cool Water’ roses (a new long-lasting lavender cultivar), along with groupings of cut Hydrangeas, African violet plants and other botanicals, are arranged in a natural, uncontrived manner—although each material is carefully positioned. The African violets’ roots, along with a bit of soil, are wrapped in tissue paper and wire, then secured into holes cut into the floral foam wreath. The violets can draw water from the foam, helping these fragile blooms remain as fresh as the cut florals.

MATERIALS: 18-inch Oasis® Mâché Wreath and OASIS™ Decorative Metallic Wire from Smithers-Oasis; ‘Cool Water’ roses, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, stocks, New York Asters, African violet plants and Camellia foliage from favorite suppliers

Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF

Cut a piece of foam out of the wreath form, creating a hole roughly 1.5 inches across and deep.
Cover the roots of an African
violet plant with a piece of
tissue paper. Wrap wire
around the bundle, leaving
each end of the wire about 6
inches long.
Place the bundle into the hole in the foam, and wrap the long wire ends around the wreath form to secure the plant into the design.

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