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Capitalize on Americans’ unfailing love with this always-captivating blossom.

Americans love roses and buy, according to the U.s. Department of Agriculture, almost three times more roses than any other flower. Part of what captivates consumers’ ongoing interest in roses is the proliferation of always-intriguing new varieties, all boasting exciting traits, which could include large heads, high petal counts, increased longevity, fragrance and, most importantly, breathtaking colors, often propagated in fascinating combinations.
Appealing to consumers’ passion for roses and their sheer delight at finding captivating new selections, we present some of the most currently in-demand blossoms, each assembled in ways that allow them to sparkle like precious gems.

Designs by James Miller, AIFD

progressive proportions
Two sizes of standard roses, along with smaller spray roses and the petal-less centers of blossoms that would ordinarily be discarded, are composed into an energetic textural sensation. By placing the larger varieties on the design’s outer edges and tucking some of the smaller blooms within the rosy mass, provocative depth and dimension are achieved.

MATERIALS: roses from Golden Flowers; container from Pots Company.


botanical jewels
Arranged in a grand mounded formation at nonuniform heights, these roses’ exquisite bicolor aspects, which include powdery white petals with deep pink edges on one and orange-splashed peach petals on another, are brilliantly emphasized. A glimmering beadlike collar of seeded Eucalyptus unites the pastel display with its earth-toned pedestal urn.

MATERIALS: roses from Benchmark Growers; seeded Eucalyptus from favorite supplier; urn from Sullivans.


topiary chic

The stems of four breathtaking rose varieties, in a range of shades from yellow to orange, are clipped short and inserted into a saturated floral foam sphere to form an exquisite sculptural composition with an artfully modern edge. The reserved stems, bundled and
placed into floral foam concealed by aquarium gravel, supports the lavishly rose-filled sphere.

MATERIALS: roses from Virgin Farms; OASIS® Floral Foam Sphere and brick from Smithers-Oasis; aquarium gravel from favorite supplier; 5-inch Square Vase from Syndicate Sales.


color continuum
Concentric rings of roses, in Biedermeier style, demonstrate the exhilarating color harmonies that can be achieved through dramatic mixes of the newest eye-popping varieties. Giving this glorious mound, assembled from bottom to top, an unexpected fringelike edge, the blooms of the bottom-most ring are inserted at alternating levels.

MATERIALS: roses from Globalrose.com; container from Pots Company.


wreath illumination

Surrounding a citrine pillar candle and inserted through tufts of white Hydrangeas, a stunning combination of ruffly spray roses and lavish garden roses yields a lush, elegant centerpiece. The Hydrangeas, while adding a textural and dimensional layer, also conceal the floral foam ring, which ensures a plentiful water source and vibrant blossoms.

MATERIALS: roses from Meilland Star Rose; Hydrangeas from favorite supplier; candle from Creative Candles; 15-inch OASIS® Design Ring from Smithers-Oasis.

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