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pop-art valentines

These whimsical vases contain a sweet surprise at their bases.

Try this fun twist for a whimsical and affordable bud vase option. The younger set especially will love these bold gifts. Fiery cinnamon imperials candies anchor a clear vase in a cellophane bag that features a clear window at its middle. Tightly tying the bag at the vase’s neck ensures the candies stay dry and ready to eat when the flowers’ show is over.

No long stems are needed here, for the roses are nestled fairly low, in a lush cloud of baby’s breath. A double-sided red-and-white ribbon in contemporary geometric patterns ties the color scheme together in a playful finishing touch.

MATERIALS: ‘Freedom’ roses and baby’s breath from Fresca Farms; Milk Jug Bud Vases from Syndicate Sales; Designer Cello Bags and Cotton Curling Ribbon from Nashville Wraps; transparent tape from favorite supplier; cinnamon candies from grocery or discount store.

 pricing suggestions  
      Wholesale   Retail    
  'Freedom' rose   $0.97   $2.91    
  Baby's breath   $0.50   $1.50    
  Milk Jug Bud Vase   $2.46   $4.92    
  Cellophane bag   $0.16   $0.32    
  Ribbon   $0.25   $0.50    
  Cinnamon Candies   $0.50   $1.00    
  Materials, each       $11.15    
  Labor, each       $2.79    
  Total, each       $13.94    
  Suggested Retail, Each       $14.95    

*Pricing methods vary; this is only one. The selling price is calculated by dividing the retail price of materials by .80, which builds in a labor fee that is 20 percent of the selling price.

Design by Gary Wells, AIFD

Fill a cellophane bag about
one-quarter full with cinnamon
imperials candies. Slip a clear
bud vase into the bag, and fill
the vase with fresh flower-food
Cinch the cellophane bag’s
opening around the neck of
the bud vase. Encircle it with
a length of transparent tape
to keep it cinched.
Cut a length of ribbon approximately three times the height of the vase. Tie it around the neck of the vase, and loosely curl the ribbon ends with a scissors edge.

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