Florists’ Review is sharing its extensive library of beautiful floral
images. Perfectly suited for Web-site and print projects, these
images are delivered to you in both a high-resolution JPG format,
for excellent print results, and a low-resolution JPG format, for
efficient Internet adaptation. All image files are both PC and Macintosh compatible.

For less than $1 per image, the quality floral photography that
you have come to expect from Florists’ Review can now impact
your business image and sales!

Our collection of six CDs, containing 50 images on each
disc, offers selections for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Everyday,
Wedding and Sympathy as well as Floral Romance, a CD that contains some of the finest stylized images of flowers we’ve ever produced.
If you’ve been thinking about updating your marketing image,
the Florists’ Review Image Library is a great place to start!

Christmas Designs, vol. 2; 50 images: CCD08 $35.95
Designs for Everyday, vol. 2; 50 images: CDE08 $35.95
Flower Romance, vol. 2; 50 images: CFR08 $35.95
Sympathy, vol. 2; 50 images: CDS08 $35.95
Wedding Bouquets, vol. 2; 50 images: CWB08 $35.95
Valentine's Day Designs, vol. 2; 50 images: CVD08 $35.95

Christmas Designs, vol. 1; 50 images: CCD05 $35.95
Designs for Everyday, vol. 1; 50 images: CDE05 $35.95
Flower Romance, vol. 1; 50 images: CFR05 $35.95
Sympathy, vol. 1; 50 images: CDS06 $35.95
Wedding Bouquets, vol. 1; 50 images: CWB05 $35.95
Valentine's Day Designs, vol. 1; 50 images: CVD05 $35.95



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