are you tech savvy?

Discover seven strategies to put technology to work for your business in 2010.
  by Kelsey E. Smith

put your best face forward
Originally for use only by college students, Facebook has an ever-rising membership of business owners, with pages that allow users to become “fans.” The popular social networking site is a great way to show photo galleries of new products, event designs, shop specials and more, as well as to announce the latest news from your shop.

become twitterpated
Twitter, the micro-blogging service that turned text-based posts of up to 140 characters into follower-worthy “tweets,” has upped the ante for getting information to consumers instantly. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, consider starting a Twitter account for your business. Just be sure to make your messages stand out by balancing product announcements with useful information such as quick care tips for flowers.

build a blog
Having a blog with helpful tips or heartfelt anecdotes about flowers—maybe even with a little humor thrown in—can help give your business a more personal appeal. When you bring a bridal couple’s floral dreams to fruition, for example, consider blogging about it. Just be sure to use your computer’s spell-check, and have another set of eyes scan the blog for errors if you are prone to spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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