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Matching containers in an array of hues make it easy to create monochromatic designs and polychromatic groupings.

Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

    Sold by the six-pack, these miniature flower pots lend themselves to a colorful array of flower varieties that will create widespread appeal among consumers. The petite pots, which have tulip-flared rims, each require only a few floral and foliage insertions, making these monochromatic arrangements quick for designers to create as well as affordable for customers, who may select just one as a hostess gift or the entire polychromatic rainbow of colors for a fun composite party centerpiece. A few snipped blades of bear grass further unify each container’s contents.
This concept is perfect for reducing waste and ensuring profit, especially from short or broken stems. And since the pots are petite, they each require only a small piece of floral foam; a half brick, in total, is used for all six arrangements.

“mix and match”



• 3 carnations
• 1 stem ‘Black Out’ Asiatic lilies
• 2 stems China asters (Callistephus)
• 1 stem daisy spray chrysanthemums
• 1 stem Solidago
• 2 stems Belladonna Delphiniums
• 2 stems snapdragons
• 2 stems bear grass (each pot)
• 2 Galax leaves (each pot)
• 1 sprig Pittosporum (each pot)
• 6 mini flower pots
• 1⁄2 brick floral foam (total)
• Steelpix


MATERIALS: ‘Black Out’ Asiatic lilies, China asters (Callistephus), Delphiniums, snapdragons and bear grass from The Sun Valley Group; daisy spray chrysanthemums, carnations, Solidago, Pittosporum and Galax leaves from favorite suppliers; Color Fresh Collection mini flower pots from Pots Company; Oasis® Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis; Steelpix from Syndicate Sales.

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Affordable arrangements add cheer to any occasion.


These adorable floral designs are perfect for presenting individually to a special springtime party hostess or displaying together to bring a vibrant burst of color to your table. A perfectly matched selection of blooms is nestled into each petite pot, along with premium fresh foliages. Stop in today, and pick up the whole spectrum.

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Cut a brick of floral foam into small rectangular pieces, and insert a piece vertically into each pot.
  HOW TO 2:
Arrange two Galax leaves into each foam-filled pot, followed by Pittosporum and flowers.
  HOW TO 3:
Bundle snipped blades of bear grass with steel picks, and insert a bundle into the foam inside each pot.

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