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beautiful bulbs

Seven sensational springtime designs showcase the season’s cheeriest flowers.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

    Bulb flowers are synonymous with springtime. As the winter frost fades, your customers will appreciate seeing a variety of bright bulb flower arrangements to welcome the season of renewal. Here are three selections to spark your creativity.

springtime aflutter
     A low covering of Camellia leaves allows the flowers in this arrangement to be appreciated for their own structural qualities without the diversion of vertical foliage placements. A pair of monarch butterflies appear to gently alight on the flowers, bringing life to the design.
     Materials: Freesias from The Sun Valley Group; Ranunculi courtesy of the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC); Camellia and wire from favorite suppliers; Biodegradable Planter from Pots Company; artificial butterflies from Floraltrims.com.

contemporary bundles
Offering a modern take on the technique of grouping, this beautiful arrangement not only allows the materials’ stems to be seen but actually highlights them. Silver aluminum wire is coiled around the stems of each flower variety—pretty pink tulips, miniature callas and hyacinths—as well as a bundle of lily grass, which elegantly cascades over the side of the vase, providing visual balance to the elongated calla stems.

Materials: ‘Sauturnes’ Redwood Grove French tulips and hyacinths from The Sun Valley Group; miniature callas courtesy of the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC); lily grass (Liriope) from favorite supplier; Footed Flared Vase from Syndicate Sales; Silver Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

seasons change
A garden of crisp white bulb flowers emerges from winter’s icy remnants. But rather than filling the aged clay container with floral foam, a design ring conserves foam, eliminates the need for a liner and provides a template for placing fewer stems of flowers around the inside wall of the container, giving great emphasis to the glass chunks placed within.

Materials: amaryllises (Hippeastrums) and hyacinths from The Sun Valley Group; miniature callas courtesy of the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC); Oasis® Design Ring from Smithers-Oasis; Glass Chunks from Accent Décor; aged clay bulb pan from favorite supplier.

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