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beautiful bulbs

Vibrant hues and deliverable designs make for a spring sensations.


Designs by BJ Dyer, AIFD, AAF


Playing with Pattern



The technique of creating patterns on clear glass vases with hot glue has numerous applications. Coordinate with table linens or a design from a bride’s dress. Replicate the pattern on invitations or message cards, or share it with caterers for duplication in icing or sauce designs. Use the clearest glue possible, and practice ahead of time to ensure a smooth bead. Simple, clean stems and floating candles work best in these containers so as not to distract from the pattern. 




MATERIALS: ‘amaryllises (Hippeastrums) courtesy of Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; Flair Top Vase and Cylinder Vases from Syndicate Sales; floating candles from Armadilla Wax Works; Water Color (red) from Accent Décor; Glass Cleaner from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide” on Page 105.


Clean the outside of a clear glass cylinder to remove any residue that would interfere with glue adhesion.
Cut a length of fabric (or wrapping paper) with the design you want to copy, and tape it to a vase slightly smaller than the first.  
Insert the fabric-covered vase into the larger vase, and trace the design with a steady bead of clear hot-melt glue.





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