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beyond the norm

Unexpected crops and out-of-the-ordinary uses for traditional favorites invigorate spring sales.

Whether Jack Frost is still nipping noses, or the days have turned sunny and bright, spring’s bounty—especially the radiant flowers from so many bulbs—is the first sign of warmer times to come and is joyously greeted by floral professionals and consumers alike.
Despite the warm reception these enchanting blossoms receive, the customary offerings of tulips, daffodils and other spring staples can lose their luster after just a few weeks. So in addition to classic bulb flower presentations, reinvent your spring selection with some exciting new creations such as those shown here, and be sure to ask your fresh flower suppliers for bulb flowers beyond the basics. Amaryllises, Gloriosas, Ornithogalums and other out-of-the-ordinary bulb flowers can awaken and invigorate even the weariest of souls

basket of plenty

Fabulous depth, dimension and texture highlight this exquisite blooming basket that, complementing its generous proportions, is filled to overflowing with some of the season’s most enchanting fare. The botanicals, including bicolor tulips and amaryllises, hyacinths in three hues, glamorous glory lilies (Gloriosas), pussy willow branches and giant Alliums tucked in near the handle, are arranged in striking groups for maximum impact.

MATERIALS: tulips, amaryllises, hyacinths, Ornithogalums, Gloriosas, Alliums and foliages from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; pussy willows and grass from favorite supplier; Valley Mist basket from burton + BURTON.


refreshing trio

Grape hyacinths (Muscaris) and sunny Narcissi are beloved springtime treasures, but customers will never tire of them when they’re combined with an unexpected selection such as glory lilies (Gloriosas) and when they’re presented in a breathtakingly inventive manner. Here, salvaged amaryllis stems serve as organic vessels that hold water and create the illusion of bunches of vibrant blossoms sprouting atop oversized stems.

MATERIALS: grape hyacinths, Narcissi,
and Gloriosas from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; pin holders
from Pounder Manufacturing Company Ltd.; Cling® floral adhesive from Floral Specialties; platter from Sullivans.


study in contrasts

Blossoms artfully contained within the glassy shelter of sleek modern vessels typically achieve a soothing quality, yet in these examples, intersecting lines create dramatic tension. Since the crisscrossing amaryllis stems are wedged against the glass to support the hyacinths, the tension is structural as well as visual and contradicts the hyacinths’ tranquil blue hues.

MATERIALS: hyacinths from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; Morgan Vases from Accent Décor.

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