feature designs

blushing bulbs

A bounty of fresh flowers in a range of pretty pinks is in demand for spring.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

tone-on-tone classic

Timelessly elegant in its rounded mixed formation and lovely monochromatic color palette, this gorgeous arrangement, able to fill a room with heady fragrances, showcases spring’s most wonderful bounty. Tufts of white Hydrangeas form an organic grid through which the other florals, including unusual peachy pink yarrow, are arranged.

MATERIALS: ‘Lombardia’ Oriental lilies, tulips, hyacinths, miniature amaryllises (Hippeastrums) and Nerines (Guernsey lilies) from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; Hydrangeas from Sun Valley Floral Farms; tin bucket from Bread and Budder Buckets; Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis; yarrow and floral foam from favorite suppliers.

how to:
To achieve appropriate hyacinth height within the rounded form, extend the flowers’ length by inserting their stems into water tubes. Enlarge each tube’s opening with a florist knife so the large hyacinth stems will fit comfortably. Secure the tubes to wired wood picks, wrap with floral tape for added security and insert the wooden picks into the foam.

fine lines

Sculptural organic lines are very much in vogue, as are blooms, such as Nerines, callas and amaryllises, whose stems create them. Their elegance is demonstrated in these lines, formed when a group of Nerines, whose long stems are cut to a uniform length, are gathered into a simple mass. Inside a crystal vase, icy bits of pink glass support the clustered florals, and a pair of ostrich feathers, bound with shimmery wire, intersect the lines and are a frilly foil to the sleek stems.

MATERIALS: Nerines (Guernsey lilies) from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; crystal vase from Badash Crystal; Glass Ice from Accent Décor; ostrich feathers from Knud Nielsen Company; Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

how to:
Cluster a pair of ostrich feathers so their plumes radiate in opposite directions. Just beneath the soft plumage, begin binding the quills together with silver bullion wire, continuing downward until the quills are covered.

hidden hedgerow

Resembling a forgotten planting, from which tulips have emerged amid an uncultivated pussy-willow shrub, this composition achieves a botanical aesthetic. Yet it’s set inside a contemporary metal vessel, making the pussy-willow-bordered blossoms quite comfortable in modern environments. Forming a “hedge” around the container’s interior edges, the pussy willows are arranged into a thin piece of floral foam in the bottom of the container. The tightly nestled tulips are simply standing atop the floral foam, so they’re easily replaced as needed.

MATERIALS: tulips from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; metal container from Jamali Garden Supplies; pussy willows and floral foam from favorite suppliers.

how to:
Place a thin piece of saturated floral foam into the bottom of a rectangular container. Fill the container with water, and amass tulips into it. Then arrange pussy willows into the foam around the interior perimeter of the container.

collared greens and pinks

A striking tin bucket, painted with a charming fruit motif, displays a beloved complementary color palette for spring. The hues are reflected, through a range of pretty pink and luminous green florals, in the lush mixed design composed inside the container. Adding texture and dimension, a European-inspired collar of bear grass bundles surrounds the mounded blooms.

MATERIALS: Nerines (Guernsey lilies), parrot tulips and Ranunculi (Persian buttercups) from Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; tin bucket from Bread and Budder Buckets; Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis; Hyper-icum, bear grass, Galax leaves and floral foam from favorite suppliers.

how to:
Clip several blades of bear grass into short bits. Gather clusters of the clipped grass into bundles, and enwrap them with a long strand of bullion wire. Add more bundles to the wire to form a grassy garland. Wrap the garland around the perimeter of the arrangement as a collar.

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