circle of leaf

Exotic foliage and packing tape combine for a trend-forward foliage treatment.

     With the dynamic swirl of foliage that encircles it, this traditional mixed bouquet, featuring a brilliant combination of smooth and textured blossoms, is given a contemporary nod to appeal to fashion-forward brides. The continuous decorative strip is created from variegated Aspidistra leaves that are cut into small uniform-sized pieces and “laminated” between two lengths of packing tape. This inexpensive treatment adds distinction and value, and securing the foliage strip is easy: just use a small piece of the clear tape.

‘Attaché’ roses, ‘Parasol’ Oriental lilies, miniature callas, drumstick Alliums, miniature Hydrangeas, variegated Aspidistra and clear packing tape from favorite suppliers; Metallic Twist Elegant® Bouquet Holder from Oasis® Floral Products.

Cut variegated Aspidistra leaves into small rectangles, using small Post-it® Notes as a guide.
Position the leaf pieces close together, but not touching, along a length of packing tape. 
Adhere an additional length of packing tape to the top side of the leaf strip. Cut the leaf strip in half, lengthwise, to create two narrow strips.

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