tailored stems

A trio of ribbon treatments helps you beautify bundled bouquets for Valentine’s Day nuptials.

Embellishing the bare stems of hand-tied bouquets is a necessity, and these three options add casual elegance with ease. The trio of projects start with a ribbon wrap, and each wrap is tailored with pretty accents. Duplicate these styles, or find other novelty ribbon and accessories to create your own bespoke bouquets.

MATERIALS: tulips from favorite suppliers; ribbon from Lion Ribbon; Atlantic Brand corsage pins from Milton Adler Company.


Wrap stems tightly with 11⁄2-inch-wide (#9) sheer ribbon. Bunch, or compress, the ribbon width as you wrap, so it’s dimensional, and wrap several times from top to bottom. Decorate the wrap with color-coordinated pear-headed corsage pins; insert the pins at an angle toward the base of the stem bundle.
  HOW TO 2:
Starting just below the tulip foliage, wrap a 5⁄8-inch-wide (#3) ribbon around the stems. Wrap downward and then back up again. Apply a narrower ribbon (#11⁄2) atop the first ribbon using a decorative technique such as the French twist shown here.
  HOW TO 3:
Secure a 7⁄8-inch-wide (#5) checked ribbon to the bouquet binding with waterproof tape. Wrap the stems, working downward and then back up again. Secure the ribbon at the top with straight pins. Lay a 5⁄8-inch-wide (#3) die-cut ribbon along the length of the wrap, and insert a round-head corsage pin into the center of each ribbon flower.

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