black-tie boutonniere

The basic buttonhole flower goes “debonair” with a sophisticated enhancement.

Design by Christina Burton, AIFD,

    For the suave groom and his worldly groomsmen, a stylish, jewel-encrusted accent transforms a simple boutonniere into a chic lapel accessory that could be worn by the charming, tuxedo-clad James Bond himself.
    Creating it requires a traditional rose boutonniere—wired and taped with holly accents—and a jeweled flower bracelet that is clipped in half with sharp scissors. In addition to a dot of Cling® that helps stabilize the florals, the boutonniere is attached to the bracelet with a coordinating wire, which stylishly drapes the bracelet. As any traditional boutonniere would be, the bejeweled rose is pinned to the lapel; the sparkling crystals naturally cascade pendulously from beneath the blossom.

MATERIALS:: sweetheart rose and holly from favorite suppliers; Oasis® Metallic Wire and Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; Cling® Floral Adhesive from Floral Specialties; Rock Candy Jeweled Flower Bracelet from Fitz Design.
Create a rose and holly boutonniere. Clip a flower bracelet in half, stabilize it with a strip of tape, and apply a dot of Cling® at the top.
  HOW TO 2:
Press the rose stem into the dot of Cling®, and secure it to the bracelet with a wrapping of metallic wire. Insert the end of the tie into the zipping mechanism, and tighten to the proper fit.
  HOW TO 3:
Drape the wire across the front of the flower bracelet, and twist the wire around its base.

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