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love squared

Handmade accents and a modern cube-shaped container give exponential appeal to this nontraditional tulip arrangement.

Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

    Crimson tulips are a delightful floral option for Valentine’s Day, and here, they pair exquisitely with handmade hearts and naturally heart-shaped Caladium leaves cut from plants. The leaves, with striking rosy centers, add volume and value to the texture-rich arrangement. Their stems are laced inside the container to support the flowers, which are arranged in water rather than floral foam. Other colorful and shapely options include Calathea leaves, Nephthytis (arrowhead) leaves, and even red or variegated ti leaves, all of which are available as cuts.
    Handmade decorative hearts give the composition custom appeal. To create these accents, cut a heart shape from a piece of plastic gutter guard, and spray it with silver paint. Form a smaller heart from red bullion wire, and attach it to the silver heart by inserting a balloon straw through the bullion wire and gutter guard. Thread a piece of red aluminum wire through the balloon straw, and clamp the ends of the wire down to secure.

“love squared”



• 10 tulips
• 4 Caladium leaves
• 1⁄2 stem salal
• 1⁄4 stem seeded Eucalyptus
• 1⁄4 stem Aucuba
• 8 yards bullion wire
• 1 12-inch length aluminum wire
• 1 balloon straw
• square pot
• gutter guard


MATERIALS:: tulips from The Sun Valley Group; Caladium leaves, salal, seeded Eucalyptus, Aucuba, balloon straws and gutter guard from favorite suppliers; Wonderlove Square Planter from The John Henry Company; Oasis® Aluminum Wire and Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

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Give a gift that shows your love exponentially.


Love is in the air, and America’s favorite bulb flowers are in full bloom. Surprise your valentine with this contemporary composition featuring premium red tulips, distinctive foliages and handmade heart-shaped accents in a modern square container.

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