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ruffled heart

Luxurious satin ribbon gives a dramatic presence and extra value to this heartfelt tribute.

Design by Christina Burton, AIFD

Large ruffles of fabric have historically been popular on sympathy easel sprays, and this composition revives that tradition with wide, double-faced satin ribbon edging a fabric-covered plastic-foam heart form. Rose petals conceal the pins used to attach the ribbon and provide an additional layer of ruffled texture that blends beautifully with the fuchsia ribbon. A few Gerberas, the stems of which are inserted into a smaller floral-foam heart form along with Hydrangeas and Thryptomene, repeat the vibrant hue as well. Bear grass creates a gentle cagelike effect over the smaller heart and extends the lines created by the ribbon streamers in a wispy fashion. Two of the ribbon ends are tied into knots, symbolizing the family ties of the deceased in a similar fashion as the “love knots” that once were common in bridal bouquets.
    The Hydrangeas and Thryptomene will dry naturally, so the small heart can be removed after the memorial services and serve as a treasured keepsake for a loved one. The Gerberas can be discarded once they fade.

Hydrangeas from Oregon Coastal Flowers; bear grass from The Sun Valley Group; Gerberas, Thryptomene and ‘Hot Princess’ rose petals from favorite suppliers; 20-inch Styro Plus™ Reinforced Heart from FloraCraft Corporation; 5-inch Oasis® Solid Mini Heart, Bullion Wire and Anchor Pins from Smithers-Oasis; Lace Aisle Runner from Floral Supply Syndicate; satin ribbon from Lion Ribbon; Cling® Floral Adhesive from Floral Specialties; “Wild Rose” Just for Flowers from Design Master Color Tool; sewing pins from local fabric store.
HOW TO 1::
Cover a plastic-foam heart with a piece of white aisle runner, pinning the edges of the aisle runner to the cardboard-backed foam form. Spray the fabric with rose-hued paint.
  HOW TO 2:
Pin wide double-faced satin ribbon around the perimeter of the plastic-foam heart, pleating it every inch or so.
  HOW TO 3:
Adhere anchor pins to the back of a smaller, solid floral-foam heart with floral clay. Pierce the anchor pins into the larger heart to secure the forms together.

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