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Three creative ideas for “dozen-rose” designs.

Designs by J. Keith White, AIFD

Roses arranged in groups of 12 are clearly the mainstay for the February celebration of love. Naturally, many customers will opt for traditional compositions, but some will be dazzled by that which is different and, seemingly, unique. Here are three stylish methods for putting a special twist on the traditional 12 for Valentine’s Day.

Tiers of Joy

With a few extra embellishments, a gathering of crimson roses becomes a modern “hedge” with multiple focal points in visual “tiers” that capture attention from top to bottom. At the top, the vibrant blossoms are sheltered with arcing stems of grass, and, near the center, the roses’ foliage creates a lush thicket. Within the container, a pearl-trimmed wire collar, repurposed as an armature, holds the stems in place and contributes intrigue inside. A wrapping of ribbon, repeating and emphasizing the roses’ hue, along with a bejeweled bow, maintain the intrigue outside.

Materials: ‘Charlotte’ roses and Flexi grass (Schoenus) courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; rectangular glass vase from Accent Décor; ribbon from Nashville Wraps; jeweled bow from Bouquet Jewels® by Flora Europa; Lomey™ Wire Collar and Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.

how to:  
Secure a scarlet ribbon and jeweled bow to the exterior of a rectangular vase with hot-melt glue. Shape the wire collar to fit inside the vessel, and insert rose stems into the shimmering armature.


Simple Sparkle

For busy holidays, easy-assembly bunches are super time savers and can be created in a range of colors to suit customer preferences. By dressing up the roses with a few do-ahead tricks, the basic “round mound” is transformed into a grand gift of love that belies the easy construction. Here, the dozen blooms are hand-tied and secured with a plastic zip tie and then inserted through the center of a sheer fabric, which forms a collar. Additional fabric, gathered into small clusters, is tucked between the collar and the pearly blossoms to add volume and dimension. A wrapping of beaded garland finishes with feminine glamour.

Materials: ‘Tibet’ roses courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; Ruby Frost Tapered Square Vase and Wrapsit Floral Tie from Syndicate Sales; Ruby Red Deco Jewelry™ from Berwick Offray; Gossamer Cloth™ from Highland Supply Corporation.

how to:  
Cut small squares of fabric with pinking shears to create scalloped edges. Insert a hairpin-shaped wire through the center of the small square, and twist to create small tufts. Insert these between the roses and the large fabric collar.


Nouveau Chic

This contemporary treatment, with roses banded into two distinct groupings, sends beautiful sentiments for younger gift givers. The exquisite roses are enhanced with resplendent pearl-head corsage pins, which emphasize the modern aesthetic, and standing in for ribbon is a decorative jeweled garland tied around the neck of the vase.

Materials: ‘Charlotte’ roses courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; Reception Vase from Syndicate Sales; Oasis® Bullion Wire and Lomey™ Corsage Pins from Smithers-Oasis; Sophistication garland from Lion Ribbon.


how to:  
Gather roses into two groups of six, and cut the stems of one group approximately 2 inches shorter than the other. Loosely bind each group into a bundle with bullion wire, and drop the groups into the container.


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