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purple passion

A dense, textural mass of cool-hued blooms in fashionable purple tones is a modern option for a contemporary bride. Pattern and texture intermingle in this eye-catching combination. While the Ageratum is available only seasonally, from spring through midfall, an apt winter substitute is lavender-hued statice with its similar feathery fringe.
Several techniques are important to keep in mind as you build this bouquet. First, the Fittonia leaves, cut from the mother plant, must be conditioned in water overnight so that they are adequately hydrated before use.
Second, this bouquet is built with a number of thick-stemmed botanicals, such as the callas and tulip artichokes. To allow room in the floral foam, as well as for maximum stability, add wood picks to the stems of these flowers. Dip small wood picks into glue, and insert the picks into the flower stems, which are cut short. Dip the other ends of the picks into the glue, and insert these into the floral foam. For the smaller-stemmed flowers and leaves, glue the stems directly into the foam.
MATERIALS: ‘Stranger’ roses, Persian buttercups (Ranunculi),  ‘Lavender’ miniature callas, tulip artichokes (Cynara), rose-cone-flowers (Isopogon), floss flower (Ageratum) and conebush (Leuca-dendron) from California cut flower growers; ‘Red Anne’ nerve plant (Fittonia) from favorite supplier; Silver Metallic Hammered Elegant® Bouquet Holder and Oasis® Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; wood picks from W.J. Cowee. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide” on Page 129.

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