valentine's day

Tickled Pink
Nine delightful designs that celebrate the romance of Valentine's Day.

Simple Yet Special
Five easy-to-produce Valentine's Day designs with distinctive touches.

Dozens Redefined
Six alternatives to this Valentine's Day Staple.

valentine's day

A Plan to Succeed
This Florida florist has eliminated holiday headaches with a focus on planning.

Holiday Specials
Real florists share designs that entice Valentine Day customers.

Crafting Holiday Menus
Strategically planned in-shop specials for Valentine's Day and other hectic holidays ease the workload and boost profits.

Valentine’s Day Sales Results
Wintry weather resulted in fewer sales increases for florists in 2007 through most of still fared as well or better than 2006.

Big City Shows
Our annual preview of winter gift shows in six major market areas.

SAF Honors Industry Best

Awards and inductions highlight annual convention.

Proflora: A Biennial Showcase
Growers, suppliers and buyers celebrated an abundance of floral products in Cartagena, Columbia.

Cruising the Caribbean

Golden Flowers celebrates its logo's five-year anniversary with customers.

on the cover:
‘Fiction’, ‘Finesse’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Panama’, ‘High and Fantasy’, ‘Tabasco’, ‘Opium’ and ‘Queen Amazone’ roses from Virgin Farms; vase with square base from Melrose International. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide” on Page 129.

Photography by Stephen Smith

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