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A painted foam-centered column makes a flexiable display option.

A heavy stone pillar isn’t necessary to achieve the visual weight of this display option. Completely constructed of foam-centered board, this pedestal is painted to look weather-aged and has a custom floral-pavéd top. It is light enough to be moved easily throughout the store and can be made in multiples or repainted to capture various looks throughout the year.
Just three pieces of foam-centered board are needed to assemble the pedestal: two squares for the top and bottom capitals and a large piece that is scored at regular intervals and encircled for the column itself.
Everlasting blooms are “planted” in pots that surround the design. The all-white palette, accented with cherubic angel statuary, gives a holiday feeling that can carry beyond Christmas for customers’ enjoyment throughout the winter.
MATERIALS: permanent Ranunculi, Hydrangeas, snowdrops (Galanthus), tulips, Amaryllises and lilies-of-the-valley from Jim Marvin Enterprises; moss from Knud Nielsen Company; Homestead pots from Sullivans; angel figurines from Giftwares Co.; Styrofoam® brand plastic foam from FloraCraft Corporation; ColorTex Texture Color Spray in Mossy, Quarry and Flurry from Design Master Color Tool; clay pots and foam-centered board from favorite suppliers. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide” on Page 129.

Design by Gary Wells, AIFD

Paint the assembled column gray with a textured spray paint, then follow with highlights of mossy green and white for a weathered finish.
After gluing the open foam-core “box” atop the pedestal, glue into it a square of plastic foam that is cut to fit.
Arrange permanent Ranunculi blooms around the perimeter of the foam. Snip permanent Hydrangea clusters from the stem, and pavé these through the center.



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