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Four designs for Valentine’s Day, each in a range of customer-friendly sizes.

Valentine's Day is the biggest single-day holiday for florists all year long, and the key to making customers happy at this busy time of year is offering outstanding designs and values at the perfect price points. Offer each of your holiday selections in three sizes and price points, and have multiples of each ready to go so you can serve customers quickly yet professionally.

Designs by Bill Harper, AAF, AIFD

loving reflections
By cutting floral foam into a heart shape and then
cutting the heart shapes in half, the foundation for each of these designs is created. The foam is covered with heather, anchored with chenille stems. Next, the foam receives a basing of waxflowers, before roses, Nerines and Bouquet Jewels™are added. Created with aluminum wire, the other half of the heart repeats the shape of the flowery portion, adding an arty flair to each design.

MATERIALS: Reflections Designer Trays from Syndicate Sales; pink Aluminum Wire from Smithers-
Oasis; Pink Heart Jewels from the Gemma Diamante
collection from Bouquet Jewels™; ‘Cool Water’ roses,
Nerines, waxflowers, heather and foam from favorite

retro feelings
Traditional in color only, these red and white designs are played up by their contemporary containers; clean, looping lines; and simulated hearts made of lily grass (Liriope) bound with wire. The centers of the eye-catching Gerberas are accented with heart-shaped Bouquet Jewels™, which “pop” even more due to the masses of baby’s breath into which they’re nestled.

MATERIALS: vases from Arty Imports, Inc.; silver Metallic Wire from Smithers-Oasis; White Heart Jewels from the Gemma Diamante collection from Bouquet Jewels™; baby’s breath, Gerberas and lily grass from favorite suppliers.


red-y and waiting

Bold and brash, these designs don’t hold back any emotion. Romantic ruby red vases with clear bases house the larger two arrangements while a clear glass bowl holds a similar grouping of ingredients in a more diminutive design. Clear plastic heart beads complement the wrappings of wire and yarn and fill the bottom of the bowl while blades of lily grass (Liriope), bent at nearly-right angles, add motion and personality to each of these passionate presentations.

MATERIALS: red Cinch Vases from Eighteen Karat; glass bowl from Badash Crystal; Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis; ‘Forever Young’ roses, Nerines, miniature callas, Gerberas, miniature Gerberas and lily grass from favorite suppliers; yarn and heart- shaped beads from local craft store.


anything but square
While the two smaller designs here offer contained arrangements, the taller composition goes all out with a towering bunch of Nerines demanding attention. All three arrangements use bright, cheery combinations of pink and purple blooms including Gerberas, miniature callas, ‘Cool Water’ roses, Hydrangeas and more. Diagonally arranged Nerine stems serve as sort of an armature while lily grass (Liriope) fills the corners of each design. Kraft-paper hearts are attached to the square glass containers with double-face tape to lend a bit of Valentine’s Day flair.

MATERIALS: square glass handblown vases from Syndicate Sales; 'Cool Water' roses, miniature callas, Gerberas, Hydrangeas and Nerines from favorite suppliers.


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