wedding bouquet

pomander corsage

Craft a dramatic wrist accent for a wedding or sweetheart dance.

This ingenious pomander corsage is the perfect accompaniment for older flower girls, junior bridesmaids or other wedding party members for a Valentine’s Day or winter ceremony. It’s also a sensational showcase for teens headed to a sweetheart dance or even prom.

With its “floating” rose wired on just below the wrist and gorgeous gem and wire accents, it will have everyone wondering just how you achieved the design. Although it might appear to be fragile, its deceptively simple construction is remarkably secure, to withstand the rigors of celebratory events. The blossoms in the pomander are secured into a floral foam sphere with spray stem adhesive.

Silver-hued foliages give the design a wintry touch and mirror the sparkle from the jeweled picks and loosely draped bullion wire. Bullion wire also is used to form jewel-like embellishments that accent the bracelet and help hide the mechanics.

MATERIALS: Silver Bullion Wire, Aluminum Wire and Floralock™ Plus Stem Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; clear jewels with silver picks from Hill’s Imports Inc./Park’s Company; ‘Hocus Pocus’ roses, conebush (Leucadendron), myrtle, bracelet honey myrtle (Melaleuca), dusty miller and floral foam from favorite suppliers.

Design by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF 

Bouquet from Winning Bouquet Combinations. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the “Bookstore” here.
Carve a small sphere of floral
foam, insert a short chenille
stem through the sphere,
and tie the ends together
above the sphere to form a
loop from which the sphere
can hang. Wrap the foam sphere with fine-gauge wire
for security.
Coil wire to form a bracelet. Wrap one end of the wire
tightly around a section of the
coil, over the other end of the
wire, and form a loop. Form
hooks at both ends of another
length of wire. Secure one
hook to the bracelet and the
other to the foam sphere.
Scrunch two long strands of bullion wire into small balls. Flatten the balls into medallions, and attach them, with floral adhesive, to the design, obscuring the points where the component pieces are hooked together.

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