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   Sympathy tributes in Europe are often expressed with wreaths. Wreaths symbolize the circle of life, and offer a sense of eternity as well as completion. The Profil design team brings their sense of contemporary style to this ancient form of tribute. The results are beautiful expressions of the joy of life and honor for the departed. 
   The book begins with application of color as a means of conveying emotion.
   White becomes the vessel of unity as well as purity. Purple not only connects in faith, it prepares for coming glory. Each color is illustrated with a beautiful arrangement. 
   Sometimes a large wreath is just too much. Smaller wreaths are given special treatment because they convey a more personal message for the giver. 
   A large portion of the book is given to wreaths using seasonally available flowers.  A surprisingly diverse section, these lovely, colorful arrangements could be used to commemorate a birth month, the favorite flower of the deceased, or just an expression of the bounty of the season. 
   The team pauses here to show you various ways to attach tribute ribbons to wreaths.  These instructions can also apply to any type of large ribbon used as a design feature. 
   When a wreath is too big, but a bouquet is too small, a bound floral arrangement may be just right.  These stand alone pieces are unique forms of casket sprays or arrangements with natural bases like leaves or bark instead of a vase or container.  These can be mounds of flowers, flowers bound into shapes like teardrops, hearts or crosses, or upright arrangements that resemble flowers in their natural settings. 
   The last chapter featuring new arrangements focuses on personal floral gifts, for family, attendees, or the gravesite.  These small but powerful tributes convey emotion on a truly personal level, and consist of single bloom treatments or arrangements small enough to fit in one hand.
   Finally, the book includes an index which covers the diverse floral materials used.  Written in German and English, all materials are identified by design and page number, and any special tips for creation are included.  Throughout the book, special phrases and quotations are listed to personalize sympathy cards or ribbons.  This is a beautiful book that expresses the full range of emotions experienced at a time of loss, and a wonderful addition to any sympathy consultation library.

Table of contents:
     4 Wreaths that use symbolic colors
    22 Small wreaths
    40 Wreaths with seasonal flowers
    90 Ribbons attached to wreaths created
          with fixed bases
    94 Bound floral arrangements
   108 Designing ribbons in floral arrangements
   110 The creation of floral arrangements
   120 Attaching cards stylishly and securely
   122 Small personal gifts
   148 Flowers and other components, materials and
           tips for flower arrangements


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