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  Always pushing the boundaries of floral design with fresh flowers, Profil pauses to enjoy their own creativity by capturing the moment with permanents.  The quality of permanent floral material continues to improve, so why not capitalize on the wide, colorful choices of materials and design options available when mechanics like water tubes, bruising and ethylene sensitivity don't have to be considered?  Natural materials like wood, shells and grasses play their part as embellishments.  Contemporary design maximizes impact through repetition but avoids boredom with a sense of movement and connection.  Solid geometric squares and rectangles strive to contain the explosion of floral materials, thus allowing for drama in any setting.  Color is as important as form, and you will see bursts of color that move you through a hallway or draw you into a room, and soft tones that make you want to stay once you arrive.  Nothing can replace the joy of fresh flowers, but the added value of long-lasting beauty makes permanent arrangements especially attractive to today's savvy consumer.  The intricate, contemporary style of the Profil design team was made for permanents.  Use their expertise to upgrade your quality of faux floral arrangements. 

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