composition rose

In a role reversal, flowers accessorize foliage—in the form of a handcrafted blossom—commanding attention in the center of this design.

    Classic composite flowers, whether created with petals or leaves, are, in many shops, a lost art—although they never cease to infatuate consumers. And in today’s intensely competitive business environment, where survival can be determined by one’s ability to create unique and unusual products, resurrecting handcrafted blossoms, like the fanciful Galax-leaf rose commanding center stage in this simple but stylish design, certainly could be one way of accomplishing this.

    While the amount and cost of product used in creating a Galax rose—and even the labor—is minimal, the price of the finished blossom should reflect your ability and creativity. And the subtle harmony generated with the choice of a leaf-motif vase for this design is a further representation of your valuable expertise. If you haven’t already, you will discover that many consumers are willing—and even happy—to pay for talent, originality and uniqueness.

loosestrife (Lysimachia), Hydrangeas and beetleweed (Galax) leaves from favorite suppliers; 6-inch leaf-motif Ceramic Cylinder from Allstate Floral & Craft.


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